Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

BENEFITS & Maximize Your ROI

We provide comprehensive medical solutions you and your employees can feel good about

Innovative Patient-Centric Care Program

Our personalized care capabilities benefit a wide range of employee needs.

From Virtual Primary Care to Chronic Disease Management and our Integrated Specialty Care Programs, MediOrbis delivers care tailored to the individual.

Top-Tier Providers

MediOrbis physicians are recruited from top medical institutions and are subject to rigorous credentialing and quality control measures.

Employers are assured that employees have access to top-tier service with 24/7 coverage and industry leading wait times.

Top Clinical Care

MediOrbis is an ideal choice for employers who want to provide the best possible care for their employees.

Our innovative technology platform, patient-centric services, and physician network give employers the confidence that their valuable team members will have a healthcare partner providing a high quality of life and the best possible patient outcomes, all at affordable rates.

Committed to Patient-Centric Program, Improved Outcomes, and Employer Value

This means easy access to top clinical care, minimal care gaps, healthier employees, and reduced employer and patient costs.
  • Convenient, accessible & cost-effective
  • Population health management: scalable across geographical areas and diverse populations
  • Improve individual outcomes with preventive care: earlier identification of gaps in care, timely intervention and monitoring
  • Address health equity and underserved populations
  • Enhance member engagement, satisfaction: ensure plan participation and member growth/retention
  • Lower total cost of benefits package
  • Improve workplace productivity and performance: improve health and reduce absenteeism
  • Enhance employee satisfaction: robust benefit that reduces out-of-pocket expenses, supports employee retention

A Familiar Brand Backed by MediOrbis Innovation

Our Platform & Capabilities

Our platform enables providers to conduct virtual visits whenever they are available and wherever the patient is located (e.g., home, work, school ) through our mobile apps.

24/7 Access On Any Device

24/7 HD Video accessible from browsers, tablets and mobile phones.

Personalized Care App

Help patient with iOS and android mobile personalized care apps.

Support For 200+ Devices

Support 98% of the most popular remote patient monitoring devices.

Kiosks, Carts, & Portable Kits

Treat patients wherever they are with our integrated kiosks, carts and kits.

Team Based Care With 1 Click

Invite medical specialists, family members and translators.

Remote Monitoring

Securely monitor and manage patients.

Cost Savings

Numbers taken from Nov 2019 Client Report


Total Visits


Resolution Rate


Return on Investment


Net Promoter Score


"MediOrbis is a great service for a working person or parent, as you don't have to delay or avoid the doctor just because you are busy during normal work hours. Staff are professional, friendly and great communicators."

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