Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

MediOrbis Announces Successful Remote Patient Monitoring with Significantly Improved Outcomes

JUNE 7th, 2022

CLEVELAND--(ACCESS WIRE)-- MediOrbis, a multi-specialty telemedicine and telehealth company providing integrated specialty and chronic disease management (CDM) programs, announces the successful results of its remote patient monitoring (RPM) program, the first-of-its kind physician-managed, technology-driven diabetes management program, combining RPM with access to virtual physician consults 24/7. Providing consumers with direct access to comprehensive physician management, in addition to a dedicated app and web access, multilingual services, medications as needed and integrated care programs, the MediOrbis RPM program differentiates itself in quality and value for patients with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.

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The successful program demonstrated key results in only a few months, including:

  • Clinical improvement in 60% of patients
  • Significant improvement in physiologic parameters such as overall blood sugar (decreased up to 50%) and HbA1c (up to 1.3% lower)
  • Early detection of clinical worsening, such as identifying a patient who suddenly stopped taking her insulin
  • Ability to provide 360° care including laboratory and medication management
  • High satisfaction with the engagement platform and clinical staff

"The ability to provide RPM is essential for patients looking to change their lifestyle, improve health and modify medical risk factors," says Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, M.D., cofounder and chief medical officer of MediOrbis. "These exceptional results demonstrate improved blood sugars, HbA1c and medication compliance. The immediate ability to detect clinical worsening allowed us to discover that a patient had stopped taking insulin without warning. Concurrent intervention by our comprehensive care management team and physicians resulted in a return to the appropriate medication regimen and restored better control of her diabetes. Our continued focus on innovative longitudinal care programs improves patient outcomes and lowers costs."

MediOrbis physicians manage all aspects of the multi-disciplinary care program, including overseeing the engagement team, coaches and support staff, while simultaneously managing medications and prescriptions. A top-tier telehealth platform streamlines all communications and integrates a tool set with powerful software that includes artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that go beyond the standard equations to eliminate gaps in care. All platforms are HIPAA-compliant, secure with encryption and available on a mobile app that offers a simple, intuitive and convenient, user-friendly interface.

The MediOrbis RPM services complement the existing chronic disease management and medical weight loss ( programs, establishing the company as a leader in physician-managed chronic disease and specialty care.

About MediOrbis

MediOrbis is a multi-specialty telemedicine and telehealth company that is shattering the barriers of traditional medicine and extending the reach of specialized clinical care and chronic disease management to its global customer base. Recognized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of providers, payers, and healthcare systems, MediOrbis combines AI-powered software with a network of the world's most outstanding specialty physicians to deliver expert telemedicine services in virtually any field of medicine, clinical care, or diagnostics.  For more information, visit

Source: Access Wire.

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