Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

MediOrbis™Partners with INTERVENT International to Offer Proven Health Risk Management, Longitudinal Care and Medical Weight Loss Services

October 4, 2023

Cleveland – October 4, 2023 – MediOrbis, a global multi-specialty telehealth company with comprehensive specialty telemedicine services and chronic disease management programs, is partnering with INTERVENT International (INTERVENT) to offer INTERVENT’s health coaching and engagement programs as a part of MediOrbis’ comprehensive telehealth platform. Effective immediately, MediOrbis clients can now access these industry-leading programs as a means of enhancing outcomes in complex and chronic medical conditions, diabetes prevention and management, medical weight loss and other conditions requiring longitudinal care.

INTERVENT is a data-driven behavior change and population health management company. The firm develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases, helping employers, payers and providers address their medical insurance high cost-drivers. Its live one-on-one digital/telehealth “high tech-high touch” coaching solution integrates comprehensive lifestyle changes with remote patient monitoring and other important aspects of care to empower individuals to better prevent, manage and live successfully with chronic conditions. INTERVENT has served large multinational employers, payers and providers on multiple continents and in multiple languages. Its credible, trusted and proven programs are currently being used by patients from over 140 medical centers as part of landmark chronic care management clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health and Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

“MediOrbis exemplifies what we refer to as ‘new-medicine,’ by providing access to comprehensive, whole-person digital care,” says Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, the co-founder and chief medical officer of MediOrbis. “In addition to our existing provider networks, we are now also providing access to the top engagement and population health management programs worldwide. The MediOrbis platform can therefore support best-in-class health risk management programs aimed at improving outcomes and driving cost savings for the most- costly medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. In this way, we can truly care for patients from one access point for all their medical-related needs, by providing the best telehealth programs, both episodic and longitudinal, and also by helping prevent the development of the most-costly medical conditions in the first place.”

“The high world-wide prevalence of potentially preventable lifestyle-related chronic diseases and the rising cost of healthcare provide a sense of urgency for deploying proven behavior change and population health management solutions,” said Dr. Neil Gordon, CEO and co-founder of INTERVENT. “Over 120 scientific publications have documented the many benefits of INTERVENT’s programs in diverse participant populations. We are extremely excited to partner with MediOrbis to leverage our respective best-in-class capabilities to drive positive health behavior change and reduce chronic disease risks in an unprecedented manner on a global scale.”

Already a global leader in worldwide specialty telemedicine, MediOrbis has improved access to high quality specialty care and provided first-to-market capabilities for managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and chronic kidney disease. MediOrbis is poised to deliver further value to its clients with this additional offering from INTERVENT. In this way, healthcare services can be unified through one user-friendly platform, and clients can utilize one contact point to organize all their member’s healthcare needs.

With years of outstanding worldwide telemedicine service, conducting thousands of telemedicine patient consultations per month, the MediOrbis team continues to provide innovative and cost-efficient global solutions, leveraging digital care to address and manage specialty and chronic illnesses, which are the most prevalent and resource-consumptive health conditions. With the introduction of these new services with INTERVENT, MediOrbis expects the payer community to take advantage of this opportunity to address complex diseases and conditions, achieve better patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and lower costs. This is of even greater value to members in rural areas who lack adequate access to necessary wellness and health resources.

“We focus on improving patient engagement and enhancing the patient experience with telehealth services that answer market demand for more accessible, affordable specialty care,” says Wiesen. “We continually seek to innovate and develop meaningful programs that impact the health, productivity and well-being of individuals throughout the world while serving the fiduciary and financial concerns of our growing customer base.”

About MediOrbis

MediOrbis is a cutting-edge telehealth platform which provides top tier population health capabilities and longitudinal health programs and metrics, enabling members, patients and individuals worldwide to connect with a broad array of providers and clinical programs to ensure the most cost effective and efficient population health care management. The MediOrbis platform features AI - driven analytics and assessment tools to provide a deep understanding of, and insight into, population health metrics. Informed by both individualized and population - wide data, MediOrbis provides access to the entire array of remote telehealth services to manage and coordinate care in a multi - specialty team approach, including 24/7 on demand physicians, mental health, medical weight loss, longitudinal care, and expert medical opinion capabilities. By providing the top clinical providers and programs, and integrating access to all services, the MediOrbis solution will simplify and streamline all telehealth services, lower costs, and improve outcomes.


INTERVENT International is a physician-led, global, technology-driven behavior change and population health management company. INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and cost-drivers. The primary purpose of INTERVENT’s programs is to improve individual and population-based measures of health while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs, minimizing disability, optimizing well-being and enhancing productivity. INTERVENT’s programs have been proven effective in more than 120 published scientific abstracts and manuscripts, including randomized and independently-conducted clinical trials published in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. For more information, visit or email

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