Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

Michael Gorton, Founding CEO of Teladoc, Named Consulting President of MediOrbis Specialty Telemedicine Company

April 28, 2020

MediOrbis, a multi-specialty telemedicine and telehealth company with a first-of-its-kind integrated specialty and chronic disease management (CDM) program, today announced that Michael Gorton, MS, JD, a serial entrepreneur, company builder and recognized pioneer of telemedicine who led telehealth giant Teladoc to literally create an industry, has been named consulting president. Gorton brought to reality his vision for telehealth to answer patient needs for rapid and improved access to high quality, affordable care and will now bring his experience and expertise to build MediOrbis as an undisputed leader in specialty telemedicine and telehealth.

Download the latest MediOrbis white paper co-authored by Gorton here.

“With both government and private sectors now endorsing the power of telehealth to effectively address ongoing medical challenges, we are entering a new era of growth for the industry,” says Gorton, a strategic visionary who has also impacted the telecommunications, music, aerospace, education and healthcare industries. “I look forward to leading and expanding this incredible MediOrbis platform of specialty telemedicine solutions, which combines AI-powered software with a network of the world's most outstanding specialty physicians to deliver expert telemedicine services in virtually any field of medicine, clinical care or diagnostics. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and into the future, MediOrbis is a critical platform for helping patients and physicians optimize individual health."

During Gorton’s tenure at Teladoc, the company reached two million members delivering physician/patient consults. As a founder of Back to Space, Michael applied his business expertise, scientific education and training to the STEM education and media sector—a strong voice and proponent of inspired change.

He served as a partner of the Texas Acceleration Group (TAG), formed to assist startup companies, and was a founder of Palo Duro Records. He was also a founder of Internet Global which delivered the first DSL network and one of the first VOIP networks. Prior to this, he worked as a project engineer at Dallas Power & Light dealing with power plants, distribution and integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Gorton studied Engineering and Physics at the University of Texas, earned a B.S. in Engineering from Texas Tech, an M.S. in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M.

“MediOrbis offers expanded care platforms to address gaps in care in conjunction with other technology, ranging from wireless devices and wearables to mHealth-enabled electronic healthcare record (EHR) platforms,” says Wiesen. “Offering worldwide capabilities, chronic disease management and a network of medical experts with broad and diverse experience, MediOrbis is positioned to not only battle COVID-19 with expert telemedicine services, but also provide telehealth care for the long-term.”

About MediOrbis

MediOrbis is a multi-specialty telemedicine practice and telehealth company that is transforming the way healthcare is provided worldwide. MediOrbis delivers expert services in virtually any field of medicine, clinical care or diagnostics. Recognized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, MediOrbis is shattering the barriers of traditional medicine and extending the reach of clinical care and chronic care management to its global customer base.

Source: Business Wire

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