Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

Telehealth: The Best Way to Manage Diabetes During the Coronavirus Lockdown

MAY 26TH, 2020

With 9.4% of the American population living with diabetes—and with most Americans now avoiding face-to-face routine care because of COVID-19—telehealth has emerged as an effective way to deliver quality, easily accessible remote care for patients with diabetes.

Telehealth benefits include, more than anything, safety for patients and providers by ensuring social distancing while still enabling crucial clinical care. Additionally, telehealth delivers crucial components of chronic disease management including:

Particularly during the COVID 19 crisis, MediOrbis’ telehealth platform helps those, , who are most at risk for complications from chronic illness such as diabetes.

Diabetes is a natural opportunity for telehealth management, thanks to its constant and continuous uploading of blood sugar values and insulin dosing by patients on their personal remote patient platforms. As a result, clinical information is readily available and potentially actionable. Moreover, since patients are constantly engaged in managing the disease, they often have management questions or clinical results that would trigger an inquiry with a physician.

MediOrbis Telehealth Platform Attracts Partnerships

MediOrbis doctors are U.S. board-certified, state-licensed and credentialed in their respective fields from top medical institutions to provide multiple services, including:

DarioHealth, a pioneer in global digital therapeutics (DTx), has partnered with us to expand their existing service offering with a full suite of telemedicine capabilities for 50,000 active users. The decision to expand Dario’s remote care services is driven by the increased need for remote physician access by those who depend on Dario’s digital platform to manage chronic conditions during the challenging COVID-19 era.

MediOrbis has also contracted with telehealth pioneer Dreamed, a global leader in utilizing AI based decision support for diabetes management, to provide specialty telemedicine services.

In partnering with companies on the cutting edge of chronic disease management, MediOrbis can utilize its strength – high quality specialty telemedicine services – to provide care at the forefront of disease management.

What We Offer

The MediOrbis proprietary world-class telemedicine technology platform delivers high quality and easily accessible remote healthcare to patients worldwide through the MySpecialistMD network composed of primary care, specialty care and sub-specialty care physicians.

Dario’s open architecture and user base allows MediOrbis to make the greatest impact when patients suffering from chronic illness lack access to their regular healthcare providers. Particularly during this challenging time, having 24/7/365 provider access to this high-risk patient population is crucial to maintaining individual health and improving clinical outcomes. Furthermore, virtual health technologies give patients the opportunity to be more active participants in their own care plans.

Visit here to read more about MediOrbis’ partnership with DarioHealth to expand remote care offering to treat diabetes and create a COVID-19 social distancing-compliant solution.

Author: Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, M.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer, MediOrbis

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